Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm starting school in a month and I guess I'm kinda sorta excited but what I'm even more excited for is hip new back to school hair. Here are my ideas:
(top left: cassidy, top right: victoria, bottom left: hayley williams, middle right: seen on tumblr, bottom right: [used to be catcupid])
  1. I'm gonna try doing the half orange~half pink hair and I'm crossing my fingers hoping I'll be able to pull it off!
  2. I've been wanting layers for a while but I always get them on the ends only, and I want more! all over! (refer to top right photo)
  3. Lastly, I want shorter bangs. I love love love having straight across bangs but it gets annoying when they get to long and I have to push them to the side, so I'm going short! (refer to middle right photo)
I am so so excited you have no idea! I've been telling my friends about my ideas because I want to be assured that I'm not making the wrong choice and so far all their reactions have been optimistic. I have to wait a couple weeks until I can get it done, but I promise to post a photo as soon as I do!

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